Equipment appraisal services in Fort Wayne

Do you know the value of your equipment? We Do!

We can be on-site to inspect your property or prepare a Desktop Appraisal (no inspection) with adequate subject information provided by the client. Areas of our specialty and valuation experience include

We are designated and accredited full time appraisers that specialize is providing impartial USPAP compliant appraisals that exceed the standards of today’s appraisal requirements. We have over 20+ years of valuation experience in appraising machinery, equipment and commercial real estate. All appraisals are reviewed for content and accuracy by an Accredited Senior Appraiser – (ASA) with the American Society of Appraisers. We are certified and accredited appraisers that provide reliable equipment appraisals throughout the Fort Wayne, Indiana MSA and expanded Allen County regional area. Call or email us today for an over-the-phone free consultation on how we can provide a reliable, dependable and accurate appraisal on your equipment and complete fixed asset pool.

Our diverse experience in appraising all types of machinery and equipment include improvements, furniture, fixtures and other tangible fixed assets. Our clients call upon us for appraisals and consultations for a variety of uses including: