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About Us

Roger P. Miller, ASA-Principal

In 2005, RPM Asset Valuation Services was founded in response to the emergent need for commercial real estate, machinery, equipment and business asset valuations within various industries. We have continued identifying and responding to client needs through the years, evolving to address changing business standards and industry practices. Today, our practice encompasses valuation and related consultation services for all classifications of real estate and fixed assets.

The goal in our original mission statement is simple – to provide exceptional client service. At RPM Asset Valuation Services, we find clients are best served by an impartial appraiser with local and national reach and experience.


RPM Asset Valuation Services focuses exclusively on valuation of commercial real estate, machinery, equipment and business personal property as well as related consultation services. We are not auditors, brokers, or agents. Our objective analyses and reports stand up to scrutiny from the world’s most discerning regulatory, judicial and taxing authorities, giving clients the confidence they need to make important decisions. Our offices are staffed with our own certified and designated appraisers, dedicated exclusively to valuation and related commercial, machinery, equipment and business personal property appraisal/consultation services.

RPM Asset Valuation Services best practices have evolved over time and through thousands of appraisal engagements across virtually every sector of the economy, both public and private. We are familiar with the economic challenges and cycles of all industries we serve, and our clients benefit from our years of experience.

RPM Asset Valuation Services is undoubtedly committed to our clients and to our profession.